Thank you for purchasing our Silver metal clay.

We love to see what our customers make with their clay. Your creations are always interesting and an inspiration to others.

You can display your work for sale on send  a message and we will get back to you with the details.

We manufacture the clay in our UK lab with pure 99.9% pure silver.

Now let’s get you started making 99.9% fine silver  jewellery with ease using simple tools, most of which you may already have.

Tools needed to get started:

  • Gas Torch (Kitchen torch is OK or a gas ring and steel mesh)
  • Olive Oil
  • Craft Knife or needle.
  • Playing cards (for getting the right thickness ).
  • Roller (any straight sided roller will do. The handle of a craft knife is perfect rubbed with a layer of olive oil).
  • Sanding sponge or paper (fine emery boards can be used on flat surfaces.)
  • Flame proof mat or ceramic tile.

Instructions for using Silver Jewellers Clay:

Once the clay is removed from the outer packaging unwrap it from the plastic film.

Handling the clay:

Knead the ball of clay between your fingers making sure it is pliable.

You can rub your hands with olive oil

To prevent any clay sticking to your hands.(You can use “Badger Balm” if you prefer but this is not necessary).

Shape your piece, a ring, pendant, badge or maybe something completely new. 

Use a mold of a favorite object or carve your own design.

Drying the clay:

The clay contains water which must be dried before proceeding. You can dry the clay with a hair drier waved over the clay for about 10 minutes or you can leave the clay for 24 hours at room temperature if you have a desiccator it will speed up the drying process but it is better to dry slowly especially larger items.   

To check if the clay is dry Leave the item when still warm on a cold mirror and if any mist develops under the object the object needs more drying time.

Once the clay is dry you can work on the clay to carve designs or smooth any rough surfaces.

Be careful as the item is not strong at this point so treat it gently.


Firing the clay:

There are 3 methods you can use to fire your clay.

Using a gas torch:

With your item on a flame proof mat wave the flame of the torch over the item until it is orange in colour and maintain for 3 minutes.

  • Using a gas ring: This method requires a stainless steel mesh placed over the gas ring. Turn the gas on and note an area of orange heat larger than your item. Turn the gas off, place your item on this area and turn the flame back on allowing your item to reach orange heat for 3 minutes.

Using a Kiln:

Place your item in the cold Kiln. Set the temperature for 650 degrees Celsius.

Once it reaches 650 degrees leave it for 30 minutes then turn off the heat and allow it to cool.

Finishing your Item:

Your item will be white this is normal and can be removed by sanding with fine sand paper, sanding sponge, emery board or a brass brush depending on the shape of the object.

Final finishing to a smooth bright surface is by burnishing with something hard but smooth such as a metal spoon handle.

Now you have made a pure silver item to treasure or sell.

Once again don’t forget to contact us if yo would like to present you work for sale